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2021 PEI Stick Curling Championships

Skip: Joe Gill
Third: Doug Campbell
Second: N/a
Lead: N/a
Skip: Etta Reid
Third: Elaine Hughes
Second: Etta Reid
Lead: Elaine Hughes
Skip: Glen Singleton
Third: Glen Singleton
Second: Myrna Sanderson
Lead: Myrna Sanderson
Skip: Gloria Clarke
Third: Gloria Clarke
Second: Ruth Stavert
Lead: Ruth Stavert
Skip: Alva Clarey
Third: Alva Clarey
Second: John Dunsford
Lead: John Dunsford
Skip: audrey callaghan
Third: anne barwise
Second: na
Lead: na
Skip: sherill barwise
Third: bill smith
Second: na
Lead: na
Skip: Clair Sweet
Third: Bob Matheson
Second: Clair Sweet
Lead: Bob
Skip: Carl Dimitroff
Third: Alvin Blue
Second: None
Lead: None
Skip: Tom O’Rourke
Third: Brian Harding
Second: Tom O’Rourke
Lead: Brian Harding
Skip: Shelley Ebbett
Third: Shoji Yamamoto
Second: None
Lead: None
Skip: Bernie Feild
Third: Bernie Feild
Second: Myrna Craswell
Lead: Myrna Craswell
Skip: Barry Craswell
Third: Paul Field
Second: Barry Craswell
Lead: Paul Field
Skip: Valerie Acorn
Third: Valerie Acorn
Second: Mary MacPhee
Lead: Mary MacPhee
Skip: alvin hackette
Third: victor hogan
Second: na
Lead: na
Skip: Rick Renaud
Third: None
Second: Randy Messett
Lead: None
Skip: Janette Fraser
Third: Janette Fraser
Second: Carolyn Crockett
Lead: Carolyn Crockett
Skip: Floyd Stewart
Third: Gordie MacDonald
Second: N/A
Lead: N/A
Skip: Billy Power
Third: Billy Power
Second: Howard Kerwin
Lead: Howard Kerwin
Skip: Spike Martin
Third: Floyd O'Brien
Second: Blank
Lead: Blank
Skip: Bazil Higginbotham
Third: Sterling Higginbotham
Second: Bazil Higginbotham
Lead: Sterling Higginbotham
Skip: Muncey Harris
Third: Marvin MacDonald
Second: none none
Lead: none none
Skip: Kevin Sanderson
Third: Kevin Sanderson
Second: Patsy Sanderson
Lead: Patsy Sanderson
Skip: arthur lewis
Third: n/a
Second: dale dennis
Lead: n/a